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When I was in elementary school, our library held a contest to have breakfast with the author of a popular series. For each book from the series you borrowed from the library, you got one entry into the breakfast raffle. I read as many books as my brain could handle, including the ones I’d already read in order to get extra entries, but I still didn’t win the contest. It was disappointing, but looking back, that was when I realized just how much I love books and reading.

Despite being an avid reader, writer, and book-lover, I ended up in school for Music Business. A semester into my degree, I realized my favorite class was actually the English GenEd I was taking. It made sense to switch gears, so I transferred to the University of Connecticut and completed a B.A. in English. After finishing my undergraduate studies, I went on to earn a M.A. in English and Creative Writing. I started interning with Talcott Notch during my last semester at UConn, and I’ve been here ever since!

I’m looking to build my list with middle grade projects in any genre. I’m especially interested in dark middle grade. Please send me your LGBT+ stories, as well as stories featuring visible and invisible illnesses, especially relating to mental health. I like creepy MG stories, thrillers, adventures, and fantasy as well as contemporary. Sports plots are always interesting to me, especially if they involve baseball or softball. Dogs are a huge part of my life, so I’m all for dog-related stories as well! I have a pretty full list of YA projects, but I am still open to YA queries. For YA, I prefer contemporary though I will consider sci-fi that is reality based (no space or far future, please!) and urban fantasy. I am not a good fit for historicals for any age.

I’m seeking limited adult projects in women’s fiction and romance. I love most tropes and love seeing new takes on old stories in romance.

In non-fiction, I’m looking for anything sports related, especially baseball, football, or basketball. I’m also open to cookbooks from chefs who have a following from a blog or channel. I find psychology really interesting and would love a pop-psychology book. For any non-fiction, I am only looking for authors with an extensive platform.

When I’m not exploring new worlds in literature, you can probably find me visiting MLB stadiums (I’ve been to 14 of 30!), cheering on the Yard Goats, hiking, or hanging out with my dogs and rabbit.



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As many writers know, agents and editors won’t give your work more than ten pages or so to make an impact. If you haven’t got them hooked by then, it’s a safe bet you won’t be asked for more material. Make sure you’ve got the kind of opening they’re looking for! In this invaluable event, you’ll get to work with an agent online to review and refine the first ten pages of your novel or non-fiction book. You’ll learn what keeps an agent reading, what are the most common mistakes that make them stop, and the steps you need to take to correct them.