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BELABORED by Lyz Lenz (Hachette/Bold Type Books)

Non-English foreign/film/TV dramatization/merchandising rights available.

In Belabored, journalist Lyz Lenz lays bare the misogynistic logic of U.S. cultural narratives about pregnancy, tracing them back to our murky, potent cultural soup of myths, from the religious to the historical. In the present she details, with her trademark blend of wit, snark, and raw intimacy, how sexist assumptions inform our expectations for pregnant people, whether we’re policing them, asking them to make sacrifices with dubious or disproven benefits, or putting them up on a pedestal in an “Earth mother” role.

Lyz Lenz is a columnist for the Cedar Rapids Gazette. Her essays and journalism have been published in the New York Times, Buzzfeed, Washington Post, The Guardian, ESPN, Marie Claire, Mashable, Salon, and more. She also has an essay in the NYT bestselling anthology Not That Bad: Dispatches from Rape Culture edited by Roxane Gay (Harper Perennial, 2017). She has an MFA in creative writing from Lesley University, and her writing can be viewed on

GOD LAND by Lyz Lenz (Indiana University Press)

Non-English foreign/film/TV dramatization/merchandising rights available

God Land is a courageous narrative account of the religious and political divides that threaten to rip America down its middle. (Foreword Reviews)

This work will resonate with any readers interested in understanding American landscapes where white, evangelical Christianity dominates both politics and culture. (Publishers Weekly, Starred Review)

[Lenz’s] sharp, insightful prose and deep compassion help illuminate many facets of a complicated region and its ties to Christianity. And like the people she meets, Lenz can’t quite give up her stubborn longing for a big-hearted faith and an even bigger God. The result is an incisive, sober-eyed yet hopeful look at a vital aspect of American culture. (Shelf Awareness)