Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work?

We represent the writer to publishing houses in the shopping and sale of your book, of course, but our work often starts long before the author’s book ever gets into an editor’s hands. We work with our clients to determine the direction of their career, and assist in perfecting their book proposals, as well as guide them in building their platforms and media presence so their books receive the best possible reception.

What do you look for with a new nonfiction writer?

With nonfiction, usually it’s the author’s credentials we’re most interested in. How are you especially suited to write this book? Make sure your query and book proposal clearly emphasize your credentials, whether they are educational, professional or life experiences. Beyond that, publishers are looking for good media exposure/author platform. What can you do to help promote your book?

What do you look for with a new fiction writer?

Voice and the story itself is what it’s all about. Tell a story that’s fresh and new, with characters that are three-dimensional and believable.

Do you work with new, unpublished writers?

Certainly! Typically, anywhere from one-half to one-third of our clients were unpublished at the time they came to us. There’s plenty of opportunity for new authors and we’re excited to find a fresh voice.