Title : The Body Language of Liars: From Little White Lies to Pathological Deception

Author : Dr. Lillian Glass

Publisher : Career Press

ISBN : 9781601632807

Genre : Non-fiction/General

Description : Everyone lies.
The question is: Can you tell when they’re lying to you?

In The Body Language of Liars, world-renown body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass shows you how to spot a lie when you see one. You’ll learn how to read certain signals and be on the lookout for red flags.

Author Bio : Dr. Lillian Glass is internationally acclaimed communication and body language expert who’s appeared Dancing with the Stars, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Chelsea Lately , Millionaire Matchmaker, MSNBC as well as numerous other national television shows including Dr. Phil. Her analyses have run in Hollywoodlife.com, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, In Touch, US, Life and Style, OK, Globe, among others. She blogs for Psychology Today and Women in Crime Ink as well as her own Dr. Lillian Glass Body Language Blog. Dr. Glass is the author of fifteen books, including her original bestseller Toxic People and I Know What You’re Thinking, available in every language throughout the world. Learn more at www.lillianglass.com.

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