Title : Straight Pool

Author : J. J. Partridge

Publisher : Koehler Books

ISBN : 9781940192819

Genre : Fiction/Mystery/Crime

Description : The body in the ashes of swank Haversham Golf Club sparks Algy Temple's involvement in a death far removed from Carter University's latest skirmish with Providence's mendacious mayor Sonny Russo. Is the fire related to a proposed casino? Or the site's legacy as 'sacred' ground for a band of swamp dwellers? Or the result of ethnic and class hatreds? And how do the harsh realities of Rhode Island's colonial wars and the '38 Hurricane play into a megalomanic's assaults and Providence's poisonous politics? From Providence's East Side, elegant Watch Hill, and the glories of Northern Italy to the grim reality of South County's swamps, Algy's investigative urge duels with his sense of justice as he applies his deft pool skills against opponents who play for keeps. With his companion, the comely psychologist Nadie Winokur, Algy Temple faces his greatest challenge in a game of Straight Pool!.

Author Bio : J. J. Partridge is an attorney and author of the Algy Temple mystery series, including Straight Pool and Carom Shot. A native of Providence, Partridge’s knowledge of one of America’s oldest and most fascinatingly corrupt cities, its politics and its people—not to mention its pool halls—brings the place to life as few others have done.

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