Title : Scratched

Author : J. J. Partridge

Publisher : Koehler Books

ISBN : 9781940192727

Genre : Fiction/Mystery/Crime

Description : When Algy Temple, pool player, sleuth and Ivy League university lawyer, investigates the highly suspicious death of a retired university don, his contemporaneous involvement in a high stakes pool tournament in Providence becomes a tiresome, contentious obligation that must be endured. As he delves into the life of the deceased, he unexpectedly finds himself on a path that leads him to Rome, the vendetta-ridden Boot of Italy and into a haunted past of corruption and conspiracy with a linkage to the tournament, gambling, shylocks, and mobsters unexpected even in Providence where old world shadows hang heavy in the air.
Add an abduction, a Ponzi, an outraged Italo-American community locked in a culture war with the University, a hustler’s last gambit for recognition, and a fiancé focused on their wedding in two weeks, his investigation becomes a match of wits with a dead man, and a pool wager of life and death.

Author Bio: J. J. Partridge is an attorney and author of the Algy Temple mystery series, including Straight Pool and Carom Shot. A native of Providence, Partridge’s knowledge of one of America’s oldest and most fascinatingly corrupt cities, its politics and its people—not to mention its pool halls—brings the place to life as few others have done.

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