Title : Hope in Patience

Author : Beth Fehlbaum

Publisher : Westside Books

ISBN : 9781934813416

Genre : Young Adult/Fiction

Description : Fifteen-year-old Ashley Asher has spent half of her life living in fear. Her stepfather sexually abused her for years, but her mother didn't believe her. After Child Protective Services finally removes Ashley from their home, she goes to live with the father she barely remembers. Her new life in Patience, Texas, is much better. She's in therapy to deal with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; she's getting used to living with her father, stepmother, and stepbrother; and she's made some friends at her new high school. But Ashley is so traumatized by her past that she sometimes scratches herself until she bleeds. When her stepfather is finally put on trial for hurting her, she learns that truth and justice don't always go together. Will Ashley adjust to a better life? YA readers will be caught up in the heart-pounding story of a damaged girl trying to heal herself.

Author Bio : In addition to writing Young Adult Contemporary Fiction, Beth Fehlbaum is an experienced English teacher who frequently draws on her experience as an educator to write her books. She has a B.A. in English, Minor in Secondary Education, and an M.Ed. in Reading.

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