Title : Dying for Attention

Author : James T. Shannon

Publisher : Gale Group

ISBN : 9781432827519

Genre : Fiction/Mystery/Crime

Description : Matthew "Chug" O'Malley, a former Boston columnist and television personality, only takes the substitute teacher job at nearby Prescott High so he can write a book about a year in a typical high school. But within a very short time, four of his students are shooting at him, an auburn-haired, green-eyed senior is trying to seduce him, and then the real trouble begins.

First one student dies. Then a second. Next, a staff member is savagely axed to death. All the while, the killer keeps sending notes to Chug, telling him that he must write about the killings and make the killer famous--a somewhat bitter irony for Chug, who had tried to walk away from fame.

Author Bio : James T. Shannon is a college English teacher but spent much of his career in a high school setting similar to this novel’s setting. He’s published in publications from TV Guide and Mad to Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine and Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

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