Title : Carom Shot

Author : J. J. Partridge

Publisher : Koehler Books

ISBN : 9781940192802

Genre : Fiction/Mystery/Crime

Description : Carom Shot is a solidly plotted traditional mystery with enough twists and reversals to appeal to puzzle-lovers. Algy Temple is the kind of fictional friend you'd want watching your back, whether in a dark alley, a boardroom or a courthouse. Carom Shot is a terrific debut that brings old Providence alive from the church steeples to the cracks between the cobblestones. Algy Temple is a wonderful addition to the ranks of sleuths.

Author Bio : J. J. Partridge is an attorney and author of the Algy Temple mystery series, including Straight Pool and Carom Shot. A native of Providence, Partridge’s knowledge of one of America’s oldest and most fascinatingly corrupt cities, its politics and its people—not to mention its pool halls—brings the place to life as few others have done.

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